Preview: SS22 "Sandwich Friends"

A lot of people know Story Mfg as a brand that really makes clothing in a non-standard way - but just how unusual we are isn’t always clear. We make stuff from scratch. We cook at home, using our own recipes so to speak. We go slow because if we want something (a fabric, a trim, packaging) we generally have to make it ourselves. It takes a long time, often we have to make a tool, to make a tool, to make a tool, to make the thing we want.

We have to grow our own, in other words. A little garden of things. It takes time, hard work and help from nature but the result is bendy, wobbly, textured and unique - and more rich too. Seven years in we have quite a harvest to pick from, but we still like to try new things and for that we always look inwards.


Photography: Elliot Jones @jones_photo
Styling: Daniel Pacitti @daaaaaaaannnnnnnn
Models: Daniel Pacitti & Chiara Mottironi @yayasleeps