• Hand made with local Indian clay
  • Hand glazed with local ingredients to produce drippy, trippy effect
  • Perfect for little coffee's and small tea


We don't usually use the product description space to tell stories but it might be a shame not to here. When we met the ceramicist who makes these he explained that he chooses they local clay he does because it's full of little impurities specific to the local region. When the clay is fired all the little impurities burn away inside leaving holes that make the final product lighter and better at retaining heat.

We don't know how unusual this is, or how much of this is now in our heads, but the mugs do feel lighter than they seem like they should and have been keeping hot liquids hotter and cold ones cooler in our household for years.



This item is a natural, handmade product. Each one will look a little different and that's okay.