Who is Story Mfg? How big is it?

Story Mfg is husband and wife team Katy and Saeed Al-Rubeyi. At the moment the company is just us two of us and we like to keep things little. 


When did you start Story Mfg.?

Story Mfg. was started in 2013 on a very small scale and has (very) slowly grown to where it is now. Every season we try to work in new things to increase the tools we have - at the start it was just denim and overdoes and now we have a whole range of interesting techniques to work with.


I would like to stock Story Mfg. — who should I contact?

Please contact our wholesale agents info@awaykin.co.uk and cc s@storymfg.com.


Where can I find out more about the dyes you use?

You can see more details on our dyes page.


Where are your production partners? Can I visit?

We have several production partners, though they are largely located in India. We no longer share these details as we experienced problems in the past (people contacting them to make replicas of our own goods, fans would visiting and getting in the way, and a multitude of other issues) so many have asked not to publicly have their address listed. This may change in the future but for the moment we are being sensitive to their wishes. 


Can I buy fabric from you?

We do not sell our fabric currently. 


Can I buy trims from you (buttons, patches etc.)?

We do not sell our trims. They are custom made for us.


Do you do custom work/white label/private label?

No. We are open to working on a consultancy basis with companies - if you'd like to speak about this use the contact form on our website.


I am messaging from an app/website/service that connects your webshop to a bigger customer, we are the uber of clothing and would like you to join, are you interested?

Thank you for thinking of us! We are not interested in this kind of engagement platform at the moment.


Are there any job openings?

I’m afraid not!