Grateful Tee SS - Everything Will Be Ok [Preorder]


I know the picture isn't great, but its the best we have right now and if we're honest it's kind of liberating being able to return to 'old Story' even if it's just for one product (old Story never used to have fancy product shots, or stock, or even a fully functioning website).

We created this product as a kind of 'thank you' to everyone reaching out asking how they can support us and our partners. Gift cards are great - but they're also kind of boring - so we created a souvenir that gets you a great tee and gives us some dosh to keep going.


  • Organic cotton jersey
  • Made from scratch - fabric is developed in-house
  • Naturally dyed with fermented indigo
  • Clamp dyed by hand
  • Screen printed front and back

Note this is a PREORDER item that we are hopeful to make in April. Our dyehouse and atelier are currently on lockdown in India and projected to return mid-April but, like everywhere, the situation may change. Thank you for your support in buying this tee. The image is a digital mockup not a finished product - we're doing what we can with what we have guys. Colours and art on the final item will look a little different as a result of natural variation.

Our size and style guide


This item is naturally dyed through a totally organic process. Natural dyes behave differently to chemical dyes (like organic produce from a local farm looks, tastes and smells different to stuff from the supermarket). These items may have some smell from the dye process and you may experience some crocking and rub-off when new. Please make sure you are comfortable with this when ordering.